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Practical Peptides

Food Sensitivity Test (FIT 132)

Food Sensitivity Test (FIT 132)

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Key to Uncovering Food Sensitivities and Inflammation

The Food Sensitivity Test (FIT 132) from Practical Peptides provides a simple and effective way to identify 132 food and additive sensitivities, check inflammation levels, and test for leaky gut, all from a single bloodspot test.

Comprehensive Testing: The FIT 132 test measures 132 food and additive sensitivities, inflammation, and leaky gut all in one test. It eliminates false positives commonly associated with IgG-only testing, providing more accurate and reliable results.

Patented Multiple Pathway Approach: KBMO uses a multiple pathway approach to measure IgG1-4 and complement activation via the C3d marker for inflammation. This allows healthcare practitioners to identify specific key foods, typically finding 5-15 sensitivities per patient, as well as test for leaky gut all in one comprehensive test.

Improved Overall Health and Well-being: By identifying food sensitivities and inflammation levels, you can optimize your diet to reduce symptoms such as digestive/gut issues, fatigue, and autoimmune diseases, and improve your overall health and well-being.

    Markers included:

    • 132 food and additive sensitivities
    • Inflammation markers, including IgG1-4, complement activation (C3d)
    • Leaky Gut markers: Zonulin assay, Candida, Occludin

    How it works:

    The FIT 132 test measures your body's sensitivity to certain foods and additives, as well as inflammation levels and leaky gut. With this information, healthcare professionals can help you optimize your diet and reduce symptoms related to food sensitivities and inflammation.

    Not only is the FIT 132 test convenient and comprehensive, but it is also backed by KBMO's patented multiple pathway approach. This approach identifies key foods and tests for leaky gut all in one test, reducing the risk of false positives.

    Am I a good candidate?

    We recommend the Food Sensitivity Test (FIT 132) if you experience any of the following:

    • Digestive or gut issues
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Struggles with losing weight
    • Migraines
    • Thyroid problems
    • Arthritis or joint pain
    • Brain fog
    • Fatigue
    • Skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or acne

    What to expect:

    1. Simply order the Food Sensitivity Test (FIT 132) online
    2. Receive a test kit straight to your door
    3. Follow the simple bloodspot collection instructions provided
    4. Return your sample using the prepaid shipping label included
    5. Receive your detailed panel report within 1-3 weeks
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