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Practical Peptides

BPC-157 | Repair

BPC-157 | Repair

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Restore your body and your mind with BPC-157. This natural peptide accelerates healing while supporting cognitive function.

  • Speeds up tissue repair and recovery
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Improves joint health and mobility
  • Enhances cognitive function and memory

BPC-157 is a remarkable peptide that has gained popularity for its ability to accelerate healing and promote tissue repair. Originally isolated from gastric juices, this peptide has shown promising results in reducing inflammation, promoting cell growth, and improving overall recovery from injuries. BPC-157 also has nootropic-like effects, meaning it can help support the health and function of the brain.

Am I a Good Candidate?

BPC-157 is suitable for individuals who want to support their body's natural healing processes and speed up recovery from injuries. It can be particularly helpful for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or individuals dealing with chronic pain. BPC-157 may also benefit those who want to support their cognitive health and boost their cognitive performance.

What to Expect


  • Upon ordering, you'll receive a link to book your provider consult for a discussion about your prescription and how it works.
  • Your peptide will only ship after the consult is completed.


  • Your package will arrive discreetly packaged, including one vial of peptide, syringes, and medical supplies.
  • Peptides are shipped from a US Pharmacy, taking 5-10 days for processing and shipping cold on ice.


  • Dosage is prescribed by our providers once you're cleared and based on your unique needs. BPC-157 is injected once daily subcutaneously. 
  • Self-administering peptides is quick and easy. Refer to the instructional video or instructions tab in your package for help.

Side effects

  • Peptides are well tolerated with minimal side effects in our experience but beware of potential complications from improper injection.

Please note:

  • Peptides have limited availability, and shipping is subject to state regulations.
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